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The Hammershoe
Quick concept art of a new ship designed to carry ponies into the stars, into the seas, through time and beyond the dimensions and anywhere else they want to go. The future method of transportation is the Hammershoe, a specialized personal fighter craft able to take ponies to the next level. Designed after the horseshoe, the original tool that helped them go the distance in the first place.
Enclave FB-05 Flutterbird Gunship
Drawn by the incredible by the incredible EZ! Check out his work here:

A symbol of the Pegasus Enclave's power, influence and military/technological might, the Flutterbird was originally designed by pegasi in Cloudsdale to function as a heavy lifting support and rescue transport. Dan refers to the winterized version seen in the bottom as a "windowless white sky van" multiple times, a reference to the craft's creepy and sinister nature, a clear indication that some things that look really bad... are.

After the Enclave's defeat, Equestria regained control of the remaining Flutterbirds and now uses them to transport supplies.
Enclave Flutterbird Pilot
Pegasi specially trained to pilot the FB-05 Flutterbird. Their suits are specially designed to integrate their keen senses and reflexes with the craft, while allowing for full freedom of movement in the cockpit and flight capabilities in the event they need to bail out. Pegasi like Springer and Spinner wear the suit without the helmet and equip power armor over it when on missions.


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